Racing4Vets Raises Awareness for Disabled Veterans at West Chester Annual BBQ Bash

Story by Racing4Vets U.S. Marine Corps veteran Jonathon S.

Voice of America BBQ BashOn May 17-18, Racing4Vets “Team Alpha” Cincinnati-Kentucky chapter represented service-disabled veterans at the 2nd Annual BBQ Bash at the historic Voice of America Park in West Chester, Ohio. The Rotary Club of West Chester put on the event which showcased 36 of the top BBQ Teams from across the nation. The BBQ Bash was set up as a qualifying event for the Ohio Triple Crown and Jack Daniel’s World BBQ Championship and the first ever Buckeye State BBQ Championship.

Co-founder of Racing4Vets John Vann organized the booth along with the Cincinnati-Kentucky chapter veterans. “We were lucky to have the booth to showcase Racing4Vets to raise money and help disabled vets overcome their many health challenges through the sport of racing,” John said.

Helping him staff the event was fellow Team Alpha team members USMC vet Jon S (Marketing and PR) as well as volunteer and photographer Marcie. “Marcie was truly the unsung hero of event as she helped staff the booth for the entire time, and we couldn’t have been successful without her that weekend,” according to Jon S.

“I was honored to help out to make it a successful event and to get our name and mission out to the community. We were able convey to thousands of people how RV4 can change veteran’s lives for the better,” Marcie said.

Three organizations in particular stepped up to the plate to help RV4 with fundraising and support: The Izaac Walton League of America (IWL), the West Chester Ohio Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and Kohl’s. The IWL offered help and support to recruit other vets. The West Chester VFW offered possible financial support and Kohl’s offered staff as volunteers to raise money for Racing4Vets through their Kohl’s Cares Associate’s In Action community outreach program. This program encourages staff members to donate their time to charitable organizations to raise money for them. Along with providing volunteers, Kohl’s Care donates 500 dollars to organizations the program supports, enabling Racing4Vets to use the program around the country for fundraising and support.

It was a great two days for Racing4Vets “Team Alpha” Cincinnati-Kentucky chapter as they continue to publicize the benefits of our young organization and recruit other disabled vets to join Racing4Vets in the future.