Race Car: BMW SpecE30 325i

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We race a lightly modified “SpecE30” class BMW E30 325i street sedan (no 700 horsepower V8) under controlled track conditions. The car is economical and runs reliably for years with an unmodified street motor. It has an array of mandatory safety equipment including steel roll cage, window nets, fire suppression system, and the manufacturer’s own crash impact safety features.

The Racing4Vets BMW SpecE30 race car in action at Road Atlanta.

Required safety equipment includes racing seats, 5-point belts, window nets, and full steel safety cage.






Adapted Driver Controls

Special hand and foot controls must be purchased and/or fabricated to enable some veterans on the team to test and race the car. This will require proper engineering and installation of the controls for each individual’s specific physical requirements. The controls will also need to be transferable to other vehicles since we may change race cars over time. This will be an expensive project (~$10,000) for which we will seek financial and engineering assistance. Multiple vendors and shops in the U.S. have experience converting race cars for disabled drivers. Several examples of race car and street car disabled driver controls are shown here.

ProShift automatic shifter conversion with steering wheel shift buttons.

Hollfelder/Therkleson race car hand control system.

Guido Simplex “Duck” semi-automatic electronic clutch button.

Two-time CART Indy Car champion Alex Zanardi explaining the custom hand control system in his WTCC BMW 320si race car.

Pro driver Alberto Llovera in his WRC rally car with adapted hand control throttle, brake, and shifter system.