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Racing4Vets helps service disabled U.S. military veterans get directly involved in motorsports careers and amateur competition by leveraging the power of the motorsports community.

Racing4Vets has two main goals:

1) Develop motorsports career training and outreach programs for service disabled U.S. military veterans.  Motorsports is a multi-billion-dollar industry covering autos, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, karts, offroad/4wd, rally, airplanes, radio control and more.  It is the #2 spectator sport in the United States and #1 in sponsorship dollars.  There are thousands of jobs such as welding, computer technician, engine builder, fabricator, video producer, press officer, marketer, sponsorship & advertising sales, nutritionist, webmaster, tire engineer, pit crew, transportation, logistics, retail, facilities manager and many more. Racing4Vets programs are specifically tailored to build the skills, education and job connections each individual veteran needs to achieve a career in motorsports.

2) Provide opportunities for disabled veterans to compete in amateur motorsports. We do this by obtaining safety equipment, vehicles, sponsorship, adapted controls, mechanical support and relationships with local organizers and racers throughout the U.S.  Our program achieves the following:

#1: Help injured U.S. military veterans participate in amateur racing
Motorsports engage vets in healthy exercise and safe competition with other like-minded enthusiasts. Racing provides something fun and competitive to do, allows veterans to get out of their homes, gives a sense of purpose and camaraderie, and develops transferable mechanical and business skills. Racing is a fun and stimulating activity where injured vets can forget their worries and their disabilities do not interfere with their ability to work on vehicles, go fast, experience dynamic motion and g-forces, and maneuver a vehicle on a track.

#2: Prove that injured veterans can compete and win against any competitors in an equal arena.
This is about building pride and self-belief which leads to long term success in life, both personally and professionally. With the right controls and safety equipment, the ability to go fast and race a vehicle competitively is not limited by PTSD, the loss of a limb, burns, or many other combat injuries.  Many injured veteran racers have achieved top level success in motor racing. Racing4Vets helps service-disabled U.S. military veterans prove to themselves and others that they can compete successfully in an arena where they can participate to the best of their ability.

#3: Do it safely and correctly.
This is fundamental to the entire program.  Racing on a controlled and properly supervised track can be done very safely with the right equipment and proper training. Motorsports are statistically safer than activities such as skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, kayaking, soccer, hockey, scuba diving, even softball!  Doing it safely is a prerequisite to having fun.

#4: Inspire people to support our injured and disabled U.S. military veterans.
Our vets need help! Many have come home with grave injuries and little support. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) budget is strained and the U.S. economy isn’t producing the jobs that veterans need. Wounded vets have few outlets for healthy fun and competition to enrich their lives. With Racing4Vets we raise the challenges and capabilities of our injured veterans to the forefront of people’s consciousness and inspire them to help with offers of jobs, medical support, and financial assistance.

We intend to use 100% of the Racing4Vets organization’s profits to directly benefit service disabled U.S. military veterans and to create programs that directly assist veterans in need.  Our programs promote fun, a winning attitude, and develop transferable skills for veterans to take into civilian life.  We are very passionate about what we’re trying to achieve and we hope you are too!